Month: March 2017

Japanese Knotweed Treatment | Japanese Knotweed Control

Eco Control Solutions (ECS) design specific packages to suit any client’s need with a wide range of Japanese Knotweed eradication options depending on the site specific pressures with regards to timescales, costs and ecological issues.

Site surveys

ECS offer comprehensive site surveys in which specific invasive weed species and ecological issues will be identified on site and practical solutions provided to your Japanese Knotweed problem. The issues will be mapped and detailed with a cost effective strategy put in place.

Japanese Knotweed Herbicidal Treatment

ECS prides itself in it’s ability to eradicate japanese knotweed removal costs in a single season using herbicidal treatments. ECS’s system has been developed through a detailed understanding of the biology of the plant, this enables ECS to provide a cost effective and guaranteed Japanese knotweed eradication solution.

The Skills a Financial Advisor Can Transfer Into a Career as a CPA in 2015

Financial advisors have similar roles and functions as those of Certified Public Accountants, however there are some significant differences between the two careers. For starters, financial advisors receive a majority of their income from commissions which, because of a mostly-unpredictable stock market, can mean a paycheck that is here today and gone tomorrow. Especially in 2015. CPAs on the other hand experience many of the same career benefits with a much more robust and stable income.

The Roles of Financial Advisors and CPAs

A financial advisor’s main duties include developing a comprehensive profile of their client’s financial status with a focus on identifying areas of portfolio strengths and weaknesses. An advisor can also be a voice of reason to clients, as usually money is an emotional subject and, from these emotions, bad decisions can be made. A cpa vs financial advisor can help investors allocate resources to achieve both short-term and long-term goals, as well as shape investments in ways that minimize tax burdens. And finally, financial advisors help with estate planning to ensure finances are passed on to loved ones in a way that protects the monetary value as much as possible.

There was a time CPAs were thought of as glorified number crunchers but that is really no longer the case. Today’s CPAs are financial strategists that offer tax and financial planning services, investment advice, estate planning, account auditing, business consulting as well as consulting on mergers and acquisitions.

NoRedInk: For Improved Grammar and Writing

Although I cannot remember how or when I originally heard about NoRedInk, I finally got around to checking it out just the other day and want to encourage you to do the same. NoRedInk is a website designed for teachers that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills. Even if you do not teach a grammar or writing class, NoRedInk is worth looking at because it has the potential to really help students improve their language abilities.

The 90-second video on the homepage clearly lays out why NoRedInk was created, and basically it is because teaching writing is hard. The actual teaching of concepts and assigning of work might not be much different than in other classes, but the grading and feedback is time consuming and tedious. Additionally, it can be challenging for educators to notice specific patterns in students’ mistakes and provide differentiated instruction to each individual student, especially in large classes. If all that were not bad enough, the disheartened look on your students’ faces when you hand back essays with corrections, comments, and feedback that you have labored long and hard over should be enough to convince you that there has to be a better way.

Luckily, technology has come a long way, and no red ink reviews promises to provide students with tasks specifically tailored to each student based on his or her preferences in TV shows, movies, sports, video games, friends, pets, and more. Teachers can create assignments, quizzes, diagnostics, and post-tests by choosing topics, for example comparative adjectives, and how many questions should be included. Once assigned, students can complete the task on NoRedInk and each student will get a different version along with as much support and assistance needed depending on his or her performance.