Japanese Knotweed Treatment | Japanese Knotweed Control

Eco Control Solutions (ECS) design specific packages to suit any client’s need with a wide range of Japanese Knotweed eradication options depending on the site specific pressures with regards to timescales, costs and ecological issues.

Site surveys

ECS offer comprehensive site surveys in which specific invasive weed species and ecological issues will be identified on site and practical solutions provided to your Japanese Knotweed problem. The issues will be mapped and detailed with a cost effective strategy put in place.

Japanese Knotweed Herbicidal Treatment

ECS prides itself in it’s ability to eradicate japanese knotweed removal costs in a single season using herbicidal treatments. ECS’s system has been developed through a detailed understanding of the biology of the plant, this enables ECS to provide a cost effective and guaranteed Japanese knotweed eradication solution.